The possible health effects of powerlines, microwaves, radars, radio and TV station towers, cell sites and cell phones are of serious concern to many people round the world. The Environmental Health evidence is that the effects are real.

Dr Neil Cherry (1946 -2003) held the position of Associate Professor of Environmental Health at Lincoln University, New Zealand. (Assoc Prof (NZ) = Full Prof (US)). Professor Cherry had listened to these concerns of the community and spent many years and a great deal of his own salary income to travel around the world visiting universities and laboratories to collect the published papers and discuss as much as possible with the original researchers to make sure his evidence and conclusions are closely correct.

It is highly likely that Professor Cherry was the first Environmental Health scientist in the world to research and publish strong evidence that:

  1. Electromagnetic fields and radiation damage DNA and enhance cell death rates and therefore they are a Ubiquitous Universal Genotoxic Carcinogen that enhances the rates of Cancer, Cardiac, Reproductive and Neurological disease and mortality in human populations. Therefore there is no safe threshold level. The only safe exposure level is zero, a position confirmed by dose-response trends in epidemiological studies.


  1. Solar and Geomagnetic Activity is a Natural Hazard causing serious human health effects through modulation of extremely small natural electromagnetic radiation (0.1pW/cm²), the Schumann Resonance signal, that is detected by the human brains and alters the melatonin output which causes modulation of many human health effects including cancer, cardiac, reproductive and neurological diseases and mortality.

The robust scientific evidence that justifies these claims is available on this web site. You can read the background of Professor Cherry here.

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